Gourds intrigue me because each is so unique. Click the "Gourd ID Chart" above to see the large variety of gourds available. Crafting depends on the characteristics of the gourd. Sometimes the shape is suggestive of one or another theme and sometimes the staining that occurred during the drying process suggests the art. From humble, dirty, oddly shaped, even ugly beginnings a lovely and beautiful object can emerge, a process I find endlessly fascinating and gratifying. I absolutely love gourds.

Gourds (a member of the cucurbitaceous family, which also includes pumpkin, squash, cucumbers, and melons) are ancient and found nearly everywhere in the world. They grow in many different shapes and have served utilitarian and decorative purposes throughout history. Just harvested, gourds are full of moisture. They require several months to dry and in the process, evaporating moisture causes mold to form on the surface, sometimes in very interesting patterns. The mold eventually dries and stains the skin in unique designs and colors. Once dried, the gourd is very much like wood. Any art that can be done to wood can be done to gourds.

Have a look at the Gourd Gallery for examples of my work. I will gladly accept requests. My techniques are carving, pyrography (wood burning), painting with multiple media (leather dyes, inks, pencils, pens, pastels), and embellishing with beads, feathers, metal leaf, and just about any other object that appeals to me.

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